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First Release of 2021! 🎉

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First Release of 2021! 🎉

Written by Kalila L

Feb 21, 2021

What’s new?

2021.1.0 is the first major release of the year, aptly named “Eos” after the goddess of the dawn.

This release is incompatible with previous versions, so be sure to download the latest client and upgrade your server!

Let’s run through some highlights for this release.

VR Controls Reworked for Regular and Full-Body Users

Much of the original configurations for the VR controls were unintuitive, and sometimes outright wrong. Improvements have been made:

  • Walk speed when your avatar is scaled up or down has been corrected.
  • Leaning and recentering in VR has now works at any avatar size.
  • Fix hand-relative walk/fly directions to correctly follow the hand instead of the head.
  • And much more: read the release notes for the full list.

Original Pivot for Models

Models can now use their original pivot as specified in their 3D modelling application of choice. This is done through a new ‘Use Original Pivot’ property in the ‘Create’ app.

Billboard All Entities

All entities now have a billboard mode allowing them to face the camera in ‘yaw’ or ‘full’ mode if desired. This simple but effective rendering feature can help with graphical tricks and interesting customization of worlds.

Vircadia Alpha

Vircadia has had all of its ‘Alpha’ references removed in the latest release.

Vircadia supports a diverse range of functionality under its Apache 2.0 open source codebase. The project is a large and mature one in many aspects. As such, it does not make sense to label the entire project as alpha when only some components of it are in the alpha stages of their development.

The ‘What is Vircadia‘ has been added in order to better outline supported use cases.


There have been many changes and improvements in the ecosystem.

You can view the full release notes here.

Billboard mode test for all entity types.

Text alignment has also been added. Simple but useful!

Thanks to this month’s testers and code reviewers!

The community and active development group is larger and more diverse than you’d expect!

There is much time and effort put into continually testing and reviewing new changes to the Vircadia project’s many core components.

Dale Glass

Code Reviewer


Code Reviewer






Code Reviewer







Join the Metaverse Revolution

Vircadia is a FLOSS decentralized metaverse platform. It is cross platform, with support for Windows, OSX, Linux, & Android. Development is distributed across many volunteers and committed through their various contributions, big and small.


We need documentation writers! The platform is constantly evolving and has plenty of documentation to help new users and veteran develoeprs alike take full advantage of it. Even the small things make a huge impact.

If you are multilingual, our international users could use your help!

If you simply want to help out on small things such as typos, errors, short guides, etc… your help and participation is appreciated!


Vircadia has many components, you can contribute to any of the following:

  • Interface
    • C++
    • JavaScript
    • Web Apps (Vue.js, etc.)
    • QML
  • Server
    • C++
    • HTML + JavaScript
  • Metaverse Server
    • TypeScript
  • Metaverse Dashboard
    • Interface created with Vue.js
    • HTML + JavaScript
  • Launcher
    • Made with Node.js and Electron
    • Interface created with Vue.js
    • HTML + JavaScript

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