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August 27, 2014


BehindTheHedge: Tech Racer

Hey hogs! It's been a while since our latest front-page post, so I thought I'd give you a little insight into one of the things we've been working on.

It's... TechRacer!

Currently, the Hedgewars server hosts a variety of awesome racing maps. But, usually these maps just involve a bare landscape that hogs race across using rope. Tech Racer aims to add an element of variety and excitement to the mix. In this mode you will be able to race around custom maps full of mines, crates and barrels. What's more, areas of the landscape will be fully destructible, meaning you might be required to dig a tunnel, or blow a hole through part of the map to finish it. You can watch a demo of such a map here:

Hopefully this will open up the racing arena to new kinds of gameplay and give non-pro ropers a chance to try their stuff on UFO-based racing maps and the like. Either way, I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun! Smile.png

by mikade at August 27, 2014 01:06 PM

August 25, 2014

FAR Colony

Alpha 10: Common Core and PDF

I continuing to implement the common core; now it initialize the data of each entity's data structure (including the player's one) at the start of a new game, setup the ones of tech level 1 as mastered, and for the non-player factions add the designed common core setup, if one of them has some.

Yes it's a slow process I know and August is nearly finished... Anyway after the common core for the NP factions I will do the same for the player's faction (it's a bit of different set of rules) and will finally begin to implement a skeleton of interface for the research & development system.

By the way, as I did by the past, I uploaded a new version of the summary of the main design document.

The pdf is here: On Dropbox

Why only a summary? Not because my game design is ultra unique or top secret but it's a work-in-progress (you will see into the summary that many sections are light with only one page, others more complete have from 40 to 100 pages...) so subject to change nearly all the days and not particularly well written.

Anyway I wanted to show you the size of this doc, you can see it's with small margins because I feel it more practical for many tables, with standard margins the doc take about 365 pages actually.

Oh and I nearly forgot; someone assisted me to correct some part of English version of the encyclopedia, and I appreciate it much because most of the time my English grammar is so-so since it's not my first language. I could see this fact by inspecting his pull requests.

That's all for now.

by Jeff B ( at August 25, 2014 08:53 PM

August 21, 2014


Knights update (August 2014)

I’ve decided to start doing update posts on a semi regular basis (perhaps once every 1-2 months) to let people know what is going on with Knights. Each post will include a summary of what has been done since the previous update and a brief look forward at future plans.

So without further ado…

Progress since last update

There was actually an update post back in June. So what has happened since then? Basically, there have been two releases of Knights, which have achieved the following:

  • Updated the Knights codebase so that it works with the latest version of Visual Studio. (This briefly introduced a bug with WinXP compatibility, but that is now fixed.)
  • Made some changes to daggers, and re-introduced “gate squishing”, as requested by KnightRider.
  • Other bug fixes (too many to list here).

Goals for the next couple of months

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I want to work on improving the front page of the website: not only to make it look better, but also to highlight the features of the game a bit more and try to make it more obvious what is good about the game and why someone should download it :)

As regards the game itself I think the next things to work on are the following:

  • Potions: KnightRider correctly points out that the original Knights had two different sorts of regeneration potions; I intend to add this to the PC version as well (it shouldn’t be too difficult).
  • Moo pointed out some issues with the Lua API, which I want to look into.
  • There is also still a backlog of bugs (thankfully, none of them serious). I want to keep chipping away at these, therefore I’m aiming to get at least one or two resolved before the next update (in 1-2 months time).

For more information about Knights please visit

by Stephen at August 21, 2014 07:20 PM


Let's play Unvanquished

Ok we are a bit slow with updates currently, but I still wanted to share these cool Let's Play videos created for the Linux Game Award winner of last month Unvanquished:

This is actually the second part, and you can see the first part here (it is mainly about the new menu and playing a tutorial though).

by (Julius) at August 21, 2014 03:57 PM