Castle Game Engine: Camera and navigation rework almost finished. TODO: This news announcement is too long, we have too much new stuff to announce

Iā€™m nearly done with the big amount of changes on new-cameras branch. Below is a draft news announcement that will become official (and more complete) soon! TODO: This is too long to announce, too many things. And this is not even finished yet, there will be more gains from this in UI. TODO: Record a ā€¦

Castle Game Engine: Editor improvements, UI improvements, in-progress Snap packages (Linux packages on any distribution), testing lights and 3D models from Sketchfab

OK, so we have now 3 big things in-progress šŸ™‚ I started to learn Snap packaging. It allows to create packages that work on any Linux distribution and has a connected central store of Snap packages where users can find packages. Both open-source and closed-source packages are allowed there, you can browse existing packages and ā€¦