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Castle Game Engine: Tremulous animations played from MD3 file

New example split_long_md3_animation_into_logical_pieces shows how to play subanimations in MD3 files. In a broader context, it shows how to use to manually “drive” the animation, picking the animation frames you want. The MD3 format comes from Quake 3 and it’s used by various games sharing that game engine. In particular I’m a big fan of …

Castle Game Engine: Cache to speedup loading multiple instances of the same scene URL

New property allows to load the scene contents through a shared cache. If you have multiple loaded from the same URL, this is a sure way to speedup loading of them. Testcase: examples/viewport_and_scenes/occlusion_culling, where I set up multiple buildings and creatures from the same glTF. Alternative: You can actually achieve even more optimization (loading time, …