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Castle Game Engine: Using Delphi “welcome page” to show your, also docs updates, also coming soon: new navigation components and Delphi + Linux

I’m back from the Polish conference Zlot Programistów Delphi with lots of positive feedback and energy. This energy will result in something tangible in CGE — I decided to work on a new Delphi platform (Delphi + Linux) immediately, and already made good progress in delphi-linux branch! From more Delphi-specific news: we now support Delphi …

Castle Game Engine: Docs for devs coming from Unity, editor improvements: 2D camera gizmos, per-component warnings

Hey, are you looking to migrate away from Unity to an open-source game engine, that doesn’t charge any royalties for releasing on any platform? See our list of features and the engine overview for Unity developers. If you wonder about picking up Pascal we explain why it’s a modern and productive language and have learning …