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Castle Game Engine: Two new articles to learn Castle Game Engine and a fun toy to play: “Bad way to play chess”, aka “3D physics fun”

I’m proud to publicly show two articles I recently wrote to teach Castle Game Engine! They assume zero initial knowledge and they show the most important pieces of our engine. As such, I highly recommend reading these articles, whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced developer familiar with the engine. Read them here: Part 1: …

libGDX Jam December 2023

With our 27th collaboration, the libGDX Jam continues the time-honoured tradition of making awesome games using the best framework out there. We encourage camaraderie, teamwork, and good sportsmanship with a side of well-intentioned buffoonery. The general jam rules can as always be found here. To participate take a look at the official page of the jam. The humorous jam trailer can be found on YouTube.

Castle Game Engine: Font improvements: default font includes international characters, less embedded font data by default, fixes for font rendering on ancient machines

Our usually-weekly news announcements have been quieter in November, I know. I blame it on me being somewhat exhausted from a ton of work and talking about the engine recently. But let’s get back on track, let me do some noise in the upcoming days about all things we did / are doing 🙂 Let’s …