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May 28, 2017

Free Game News


Todays title is ReTux. You might recognize the art assets from another Free platformer: SuperTux. However, ReTux has been written entirely from scratch and has a different take on platformer gameplay. Collecting coins yields hearts which represent health. Taking damage removes hearts, so you'll have to keep grabbing those coins. Cleverly utilizing this levels can be kept balanced but still challenging. There are of course powerups to help and lives and checkpoints are infinite, meaning you can always try a hard portion of a level again. The game containts 41 levels with both action and some lighter puzzle elements. Another cool feature is that the game is described as "fully accessible to colorblind and color deficient people". Nice to see developers be including like that.

A castle-themed level in ReTux.

by Imerion ( at May 28, 2017 05:30 AM

Battle for Wesnoth

News • Notice Of Imminent Experimental Corner Deletion

On Wednesday, May 31, the Experimental Corner will be deleted! Any threads that have been active so far this year will be moved to either Ideas or Offtopic. If someone has a thread that has been inactive for longer, but would like preserved, then PM me and I will move it as well.

This is not a discussion.
The Experimental Corner has long since served its purpose, and is by now almost entirely abandoned. It is being removed, and to be perfectly blunt, should have been removed a while ago.

Statistics: Posted by Pentarctagon — Yesterday, 2:53 am

by Pentarctagon at May 28, 2017 02:53 AM

May 25, 2017

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

Crawl 0.20: “Scarf Our Wanderful Fried Frogs”

We’re toadally pleased to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.20: “Scarf Our Wanderful Fried Frogs”! 0.20 features a new species, some new items and spells, dungeon updates, and many other additions, streamlinings, and general improvements to the game.

Download DCSS 0.20 here, or play it online on one of many servers across the world! Packages for Windows, OS X, and Linux are all available now.

The release tournament begins on May 26 2017, at 20:00 UTC, with all online 0.20 games counting towards your score. See the tournament website for more details, including how to set up or join a clan.

0.20′s highlights include:

  • Characters: Barachim have been added, a new species that moves slowly but has good aptitudes, a powerful Hop ability, and can see one tile more than other species. Ogres have had their aptitudes and stats reworked, allowing them to be more proficient spell-casters and not just melee brutes, and mummies have a much higher spell-casting aptitude.
  • Spells: Two new spells have been added: Ignition, a high level Fire Magic spell that drops a weakened Fireball on every monster in view, leaving the player and their allies unaffected, and Poisonous Vapours, a Poison/Air spell in the Venom Mage starting book the creates a very short-lived poisonous cloud on a single monster.
  • Items: Scarves have been added, which are auxiliary armour for the cloak slot that has 0 AC and can’t be enchanted, but have special powerful egos like Repel Missiles, Cloud Immunity, Resistance (rF+ & rC+), and Spirit Shield. Mutation potions are now the only mutation-changing potion, and each quaff cures multiple existing mutations and grants several new ones. Additionally, spells formerly found on rods have been moved to wands of clouds and scattershot and the new rod of lightning XP evocable, and other wands have had their ranges and effects adjusted.
  • Dungeon: Many new dangerous vaults have been added, including an epic level-wide Depths vault as well as tricky loot vaults using the new one-way transporter dungeon feature. The Tomb of Ancients now features more dangerous one-way stairs that don’t allow easy, immediate return, and the treasure walls of the Slime Pits now always breach when the Royal Jelly dies.
  • Interface: A new noise meter now shows the relative loudness of each action, and in console mode this can be replaced by a bar showing the glyph of each equipped item. Stash searches now exclude distant duplicate matches of vanilla weapons, armour and ammo by default. Finally, the mouse can now be used in WebTiles by default and the species selection menu is reworked to have groupings in “simple”, “intermediate”, and “advanced” categories.

For a list of other major changes, see the changelog. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. We hope you enjoy playing 0.20!

by gammafunk at May 25, 2017 12:27 PM

Free Game News

Warzone 2100 - 3.2.3

Soon there will be more updates on this page - there are several new interesting Free game projects I want to mention. But they will have to wait until I have a bit more free time. In the meantime though, here is a small update to the excellent RTS Warzone 2100. Release 3.2.3 is mainly a bug-fix release, but it also adds support for higher levels of anti-aliasing, optimizes graphics and adds some new scripting functions. Also don't forget that this game has excellent modding capabilities with a huge archive of hundreds of interesting addons and maps.

I found this screen in the Warzone 2100 addon archive, from a stat-balancing mod called YAGeSM.

by Imerion ( at May 25, 2017 12:13 PM

Battle for Wesnoth

News • ATTENTION: All Apple Mac OSX users

Due to recent bug reports we are considering whether we can continue to officially support Apple Mac OSX 10.7, as well as whether Growl notification support is worth retaining for newer versions of Apple Mac OSX.

In order to help decide whether to make the effort, we would like to see how many users still use 10.7. If you are an Apple Mac OSX user, please vote in the poll.

Statistics: Posted by Celtic_Minstrel — May 25th, 2017, 12:32 am

by Celtic_Minstrel at May 25, 2017 12:32 AM

May 24, 2017


Update 0.1.10 – CBot bugfixes and stuff for user level makers!

The 0.1.10 release has finally happened! This time we have a lot of CBot bugfixes, cool new stuff for userlevel makers and some other minor changes. You can see the full changelog under the “Read More” link. Or just go to the download page and get it right now!

It’s worth noting that with each release more and more stuff is coming from the community in the form of Pull Requests. From now on, we’ll try to mention everybody who helped make the release happen in the changelog. Want to help too? Check how to contribute

* Add default values for parameters in function declarations (PR: #897) [thanks @melex750!]
* Fix destructors not being called when program execution ended (#859)
* Fix goto() with multiple objects at the exact same position (#732)
* Fix build() allowing to build anything (#863)
* Fix game crash if function doesn’t return expected value (#30, PR: #897) [thanks @melex750!]
* Fix crash on class redefinition (#703, PR: #890) [thanks @piotrwalkusz1!]
* Fix no compile error in incorrect increment and decrement syntax (PR: #891) [thanks @melex750!]
* Fix no compile errors with incorrect constructor/destructor definitions (PR: #891) [thanks @melex750!]
* Fix no compile errors with incorrect variable and field declarations (PR: #891) [thanks @melex750!]
* Fix a lot of syntax error related crashes (PR: #897) [thanks @melex750!]
* Fix point constructor not executing when being called with ‘new’ (PR: #897) [thanks @melex750!]
* Fix some builtin functions not returning 0 in case of no error (#917)
* Add error when object is busy (#871)
* Fix delete() in CBot not destroying PowerCells properly

Other changes
* Allow selectinsect to select other objects with selectable=0
* Add command history for cheat console (#316, PR: #869) [thanks @Smok94!]
* Add ctrl+backspace support in code editor (#797, PR: #839) [thanks @MatiRg!]
* Add damage alarm (#320, PR: #916) [thanks @DavivaD!]
* Make UraniumOre not destroyable (#777)
* Fix apperance camera position (#802, PR: #880) [thanks @piotrwalkusz1!]
* Add coordinates under cursor overlay and copy function (#868)
* Fix rendering glasses in FPP camera (#775, PR: #959) [thanks @MatiRg!]

For userlevels
* Add bulletWall parameter, makes objects block bullets
* Add scoreboard for complex code battles
* Add Barricade objects – barriers that block bullets
* Make TargetBots explode when they run into something
* Print expected relief resolution for given terrain parameters to log

Bugfixes and internal changes
* Fix mission ending before astronaut death scene is finished (#848)
* Fix GroundSpot blending (#846)
* Display warning if there is not enough energy to shoot with fire()
* Fix crash on loading saves with produce()d objects (#765)
* Don’t allow whitespace player names (#840)
* Fix buffer overrun when rendering goto() debug texture (#841)
* Fix sky rendering artifact
* Clean up “this == nullptr” checks in CBOT (#828)
* Fix memory leaks in CBot engine (PR: #891) [thanks @melex750!]
* Fix all compiler warnings and enable -Werror (PR: #955) [thanks @AbigailBuccaneer!]
* Updated Russian and German translations (PRs: #852, #849, data/#27) [thanks @Fedorsturov, @Ceeee and @rvasin!]

by krzys_h at May 24, 2017 04:17 PM

May 23, 2017

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

0.20 Tournament Page is Online

For all the warriors, adventurers, zealots, mages, and warrior-mages out there, I’m here with a quick update about the 0.20 tournament. Please bookmark the official 0.20 tournament page and use this page to track your progress throughout the tournament. Remember, the tournament is scheduled from 20:00 UTC Friday 26 May through 20:00 UTC Sunday 11 June.

There are currently no rule changes relative to the 0.19 tournament, but check the tournament page for any final rule changes before the tournament begins. Once the tournament has started, the tournament leaderboard will display the current standings. For now this page has test data from servers with 0.20 available, but this data will be wiped from the tournament database before friday.

Clans can be formed and changed until one week into the tournament. See the Clans section of the tournament page for details, and you can get a head-start on configuring RC on any server that already has 0.20 available. Currently that list is: CAO, CBRO, CJR, CPO, CXC, LLD; the remaining servers will have 0.20 available soon. If you’re looking for people to play with, you can find them in the Tavernreddit, or our IRC channel ##crawl on Freenode.

See you all on D:1, holding the Orb of Zot!

by gammafunk at May 23, 2017 11:47 AM