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September 18, 2018

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

0.22.1 and 0.21.2 bug fix releases

There’s a new bug fix release of the 0.22.1 stable version of DCSS. Source packages and binaries for Windows, OS X, and Linux are available now. We recommend all 0.22 users upgrade to this version. Major bug fixes and updates:

  • Support for distributing player ghosts files with releases. Now local games will have a starting set of ghosts available for ghost vaults.
  • New tiles for Azrael, shock serpents, dream sheep, mana vipers, and the Robe of Vines.
  • An additional set of Gnoll player doll tiles (male and female).
  • Fix WebTiles menus for older versions of Firefox.
  • 81 bug fixes, adjustments, and cleanups in total.

The biggest game-play change in this release is the incorporation of ghost data taken from 0.22 games played on the CAO and CBRO servers for use in offline games. 0.22 introduced “permastore” bones files so that ghost vaults always have an available ghost definition to draw from. If a level has no recently made ghost in the normal bones file, the permastore file provides more long-term data that can be repeatedly drawn upon. The problem was that offline games previously had no initial ghost data, forcing ghost vaults to fall back on making clone ghosts of the player. Thanks to work by advil, crawl can look for pre-existing permastore bones files we ship in the game data, copying these over to use as a player’s starting permastore. advil has curated this ghost data to remove excessive numbers of ghosts from the most popular combos and to filter out any offensive usernames. In the future, we’ll be able to make this release ghost data using more servers and will be improving the way the ghost data is handled and stored in general.

As usual, there are scores of smaller bug fixes, vault tweaks, description updates, and the like, so be sure to upgrade! In the bullet list above, I’ve linked a few new tiles we received for trunk that I’ve also added to 0.22.1. Also, a certain worm tells me that we may have a couple new splash screens coming our way. One will depict the exploits of a Deep Dwarf Artificer and the other the antics of uniques like Asterion and Louise (PlogChamp)! No ETA on these new splash images, but look for them to arrive in trunk when they’re ready.

Finally, we’ve also made a 0.21.2 bug fix release. Many of the bug fixes here are ones that have already been made in 0.22, but see the 0.21 changelog for a more detailed summary. The source packages as well as binary packages for Windows and OS X can be found in the 0.21 release folder. The Linux 0.21 component of the debian repository has also been updated. To install the Linux packages, just follow the Linux instructions on the download page, replacing 0.22 by 0.21 in the instructions.

Happy Crawling!

by gammafunk at September 18, 2018 09:00 AM

Battle for Wesnoth

News • Wesnoth 1.14.5: Maintenance Release

Wesnoth 1.14.5 is now available. This is a maintenance release for the stable 1.14.x series and, as such, it delivers an assortment of bug fixes and other improvements over previous releases in this series. Check the forum thread for a list of the most notable fixes and changes in this version.

The source code and Windows and macOS packages are already available on the downloads page. You may also find packages for other platforms there as they become available.

You may comment on this release in the forums.

Statistics: Posted by shadowm — Today, 8:11 am

by shadowm at September 18, 2018 09:11 AM

September 17, 2018

GearHead RPG

GearHead Caramel Cosplay

The color editor for GearHead Caramel is up and running; it still needs a bit of polish, but it shows off how much nicer the new color switcher is than the GH1/GH2 version. Just look at how glowey everything is!

by Joseph Hewitt at September 17, 2018 02:04 PM

September 14, 2018

Free Game News


Can't get enough of the classic title Theme Hospital? The modern engine-implementation CorsixTH has got you covered with a new release called 0.62. There are several fixes and improvements to this already very complete engine. Just load up your old Theme Hospital CD and copy the data files and you're ready to go! And if you don't have the original, you can try the demo which is available from the CorsixTH page.

Getting a zoomed-out high-res view like this is possible using CorsixTH.

by Imerion ( at September 14, 2018 03:55 PM


Lutris 0.4.0 released

Lutris 0.4.0 has just shipped and marks the beginning of a new development cycle for the project. The main goal of this release was to bring the project to Python 3 which is becoming the default version for most current Linux distributions. This update allows us to take advantage of some of the new features of the language and ensures us to have a supported code base for the years to come (although, Python 2 won't be deprecated before 2020).

We also have some features with this release and 3 new runners make their debut in Lutris. First we have Adventure Game Studio which is an Open Source game engine for point and click games.
Then there is an Web runner based on Electron which will completely replace the Browser runner in future versions. The Electron runner was made possible thanks to our awesome new team member djazz !

And last but not least, we are now shipping the long awaited libretro / Retroarch runner! Libretro and Lutris were always meant to be together and now they are finally united! With the presence of libretro cores, we can now get rid of several runners that didn't fit our quality standards or were buggy: Mednafen, Dgen, Mupen64plus and PCSX-R are all going to be removed in future versions of Lutris to be entirely replaced with their libretro equivalent. Note that we provide 3 options for Playstation emulation with libretro: First one is the PCSX Rearmed core which can work without a BIOS for most games, then we also offer 2 versions of Mednafen PSX (which will require BIOS files to play any games). The first standard Mednafen PSX core is the standard Playstation emulation that was already available in the Mednafen emulator. The second one, Mednafen PSX HW, is an early stage effort from the Libretro team to bring many improvements to Playstation games (Read more about it on their blog ). While still a bit glitchy and unoptimized, the results are already amazing! We'll soon post some videos of this emulator in action.

Aside from the new runners, the existing Vice and Zdoom runners have received some fixes and updates and should provide a bunch better experience now.

The Lutris client itself has also received some new features. A lot of people asked us how to set custom banners and icons without having to navigate some hidden folder. This is now possible from within the game properties! Also regarding icons and banners, fetching those from our server should be approximately 16 times faster now, thanks to some Python 3 feature.

Two new system options have also made their appearance: The ability to select a monitor for SDL1 games (helpful for the games that span across 2 monitors when started) and an option to switch to an US keyboard layout while running a game, handy when a game doesn't support rebinding controls and has been designed for US keyboards only.

Also starting today, Lutris has now a Patreon page which you can use to support the project. There are a lot of upcoming features for this development cycle with a special focus on support for more gaming stores. Our next goal is to bring full GOG integration to the client, basically replacing any need for the long awaited GOG Galaxy, even bringing more features since it would allow running most Windows and DOS games as well. How fast these features get implemented mainly depends on the amount of support we will receive from Patreon. More donation means more time spent developing the platform. There are a lot of upcoming features and we'd like to bring them out there as fast as possible :)

September 14, 2018 06:02 AM

Lutris 0.3.8 released

Lutris has been updated to version 0.3.8, offering some overall improvements and new features.

New runners

We now have support for Nintendo DS and 3DS games thanks to the new Desmume and Citra runners. While Desmume has been around for a while, Citra is still pretty new and experimental so don't expect everything to work out right now. Our build will be updated as the emulator makes progress.

Browse button for CD-ROM detection during installation

We have added a button to browse to the location of the CD-ROM files when they are requested by an installer. Our previous implementation would fail detecting CDs in many cases, depending on how the CD was mounted and which desktop environment was used, now you can point to any folder and continue the installation.

Improved Steam games detection

In the previous version, Steam games would only be sync to the local client if the user's library on was up-to-date. This has been rewritten to use the local data only. All Steam games will now be detected and added to the client, regardless of the status of a remote library. Steam for Windows games are not added automatically to the client as many of them would require extra steps to get them working (which are provided by the Lutris installers). Detection of newly installed and removed Steam games has also been improved with the use of inotify to monitor any changes.

If, for some reason, some games are not being picked up, there is a new command line flag available: --list-steam-folders, allowing you to list all Steam folders detected by Lutris.

Improved joypad support for Mednafen and Reicast

The button order in medfanen has been fixed and the Dreamcast emulator Reicast has been updated to provide better joypad support. Note that assigning joypads to Dreamcast games requires to have python-evdev installed. If your distribution does not provide this package, you can install it with pip:

pip install evdev

This python module is likely to be used a lot more in future releases so we recommend you install it.

Various improvements

  • It is now possible to set a GTK dark theme from the View menu.
  • Wine crash dialogs are disabled by default (they can be re-enabled in the runner options)
  • There is a new system option allowing to restrict games to one CPU core. This option should prevent crashes with games launched from EA's Origin.

What's next

Lutris 0.3.8 has been developed in parallel with our next major release: Lutris 0.4.0. This release is almost ready and should ship really soon. A major change in the next release is the use of Python 3 instead of Python 2 which has been used since the beginning of the project.

Another big change coming in Lutris 0.4.0 is the introduction of the Retroarch runner. This will allow to get rid of several poorly maintained and low quality emulators such as PCSXR, Mupen64plus or DGen.

The 0.4.x release cycle will be the beginning of major new features which have been planned for a while: 0.4.1 should have integration with GOG, 0.4.2 will integrate with Humble Bundle, 0.4.3 will offer integration and finally 0.4.4 will allow managing ROMs with the TOSEC database.

All of this will be explained in a short while when Lutris 0.4.0 is released, along with a special announcement :)

September 14, 2018 06:02 AM

PSP and PS2 supported, forums are online

Lutris has been updated to version, this release brings in a few fixes, mostly related to Wine games installations (it is now possible to install League of Legends without any issue).

Also part of this release is two new game runners: PSP with PPSSPP emulator and PS2 with PCSX2 . It is now also possible to set the extended kickstart ROM required to play Amiga CD 32 games.

For those using the OBS repository the client should already be up to date. The AUR repository should also be updated soon.

On another subject, we now have forums! As these share the same login credentials as the main website, you will be required to confirm your email address to access the forums. If you are using a, or email, please change to another provider as we cannot send emails to these domains. Any help from experienced sysadmins to fix this issue (mainly properly setting up DKIM, SPF and DMARC so we can eventually send emails to Microsoft owned domains) would be greatly appreciated!

September 14, 2018 06:02 AM

Lutris 0.3.7 is released!

It's been more than a year since last release but it's finally here: Lutris 0.3.7 is available for all. We sure have been taking our time but we wanted to make sure to bring the best experience possible for our users. We have listened to the feedback we got after releasing Lutris 0.3.6 and brought a much better overall experience. It may be a minor version upgrade but this release has received nearly 700 commits out of a total of 2000, almost a third of the total!

What's new

Aside from the many bugfixes and performance improvements, there are also some visible changes:

  • Games can be filtered by runners with a new sidebar
  • You can view the log of the last game launched, useful if you're experiencing problems running a particular game
  • We ship a new and improved runtime, partly based on the Steam runtime.
  • Multiple versions of the same game can be installed at the same time (for example the arcade, Amiga and SNES versions)
  • Monitoring of running games has greatly improved so it will detect properly when a game has quit, including Windows and Steam for Windows game
  • New runners are available! You can now play games with Dolphin (Wii and Gamecube emulator), Reicast (Dreamcast emulator) and ResidualVM (The 3D counterpart to ScummVM for games such as Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island)
  • Steam games installation is now fully monitored, allowing to run additional tasks after the Steam game has installed.
  • We ship a lot of different versions of wine and you can now manage them from Lutris
  • For Wine games, winecfg, winetrick and the joypad control panel can be accessed by right clicking on a game
  • Experimental support for Xinput in Wine can be enabled, just make sure to disable one of the js or event controllers in the joypad control panel.

Make it better, win games!

Our next milestone is the 0.4 branch. The initial version in this branch will see be the first release using Python 3 and will have very little new features except bugfixes. Big features such as Humble Bundle and GOG support or TOSEC integration will come in later releases. We do want to make Lutris 0.4.0 as good as possible so while we're porting everything to Python 3, you can help us improve Lutris and could even win games by doing this! We have a bunch of spare Steam keys for some great games (Serious Sam 3, Half-life 2, Trine 2, Dirt Showdown and a lot more), the best bug reports and patches will be the first to pick from our list of games to win.

Remember that Lutris is not just a Gtk client but it also has a website and lots of runners so any improvement will get you a chance to win some games. Be sure to be as precise as possible, a vague bug report gives you little chance to win whereas a bug report with stack traces and necessary steps and context for reproduction will most probably make you a winner! Valid pull requests with working code will most likely make you an instant winner of at least one game or maybe more if we like it a lot!

We also have a couple of packaging problems on OpenSUSE Build System for Fedora and Ubuntu so if you're a packager, fixing those issues might be a good way to win a game easily! All the required files for packaging are included in the project's source.

The full list of games you can win is available here:

September 14, 2018 06:02 AM

Lutris 0.3.6 is released! (Updated:

PS: Hotfix, and released with the following fixes:

  • Added "Custom Steam location" option to winesteam runner
  • Use Windows Steam from ~/.wine if not installed in Lutris' own prefix
  • Fixed Winetricks used in installers
  • Fixed downloads on non-Gnome environments by adding gvfs-backend as dependency
  • Fixed Wine Steam install
  • Fixed Incorrect detection of some Steam games.
  • Fixed Crash at startup during library synchronization.

Hello again my fellow Linux gamers! If you remember the release notes for Lutris 0.3.5, we said that 0.3.6 would be the last release in the 0.3.x branch and promised a HUGE changelog. Well guess what? We where wrong!

We decided to split this changelog into smaller bits and bring you some of the good stuff right away. Expect a 0.3.7 and maybe even a 0.3.8 to be released in the future with the features we announced earlier (TOSEC and Humble Bundle support among other thing).

But right now, we're here to announce version 0.3.6 which comes with a nice number of improvements, including some important new features:

The Lutris Runtime makes its debut, lifting the need to install various libraries on your system to make native games and emulators work. The number of libraries included in the runtime will expand as we find more missing dependencies (we count on you to report them to us!) and will auto-update on your Lutris installation.

Steam support has been vastly improved with the synchronization of the installation state of your Linux Steam games, the auto-installation of Wine Steam if Lutris doesn't find it in your default Wine installation, the detection of non-default Steam Library folders and the proper uninstallation of Steam games initiated from Lutris.

Full changelog:

  • Lutris Runtime, removing the need to install libraries on the system
  • Detection of installation state of (Linux) Steam games
  • Real uninstallation of Steam games through Steam
  • Auto-install of Wine Steam
  • Better detection of Wine Steam install location
  • Support for Steam's secondary library folders
  • Wine version 1.7.29 (including fix for Steam's overlay/keyboard crash)
  • Tooltips on most configuration options
  • Wine's desktop integration disabled for newly installed Wine games
  • DOSBox options: scaler and auto-exit
  • ScummVM options: aspect correction, subtitles
  • "Remove" context menu action added to uninstalled games
  • sdlmame and sdlmess runners renamed to mame and mess
  • "Prefix command" system option
  • Button to access runners folder in the Manage runners window
  • Manually re-synchronize from the menu: Lutris > Synchronize library

We fixed a few things as well:

  • Fixed inconsistent password field limit to 26 chars, raised to 1024.
  • Fixed impossibility to use system's Wine when Wine Steam was running.
  • Fixed Wine games install failing when there is a space in the setup file path
  • Fixed browser games not launching at all
  • Fixed PCSX-Reloaded and Vice emulators not launching at all
  • Fixed Hatari and Mess emulators not launching nor warning when no bios file configured
  • Fixed Hatari startup fail if there is spaces in bios path
  • Fixed the "Restore desktop resolution" option and enable it by default
  • Fixed the Browse Files action on DOSBox games
  • Fixed Winetricks in installers
  • Fixed checked by default config options not saving unchecked state
  • Fixed the "insert disc" part of installers
  • Fixed renaming games breaking synchronization with the website
  • Fixed Mupen64Plus fullscreen option not working when unchecked.

Website changes since the last version:

  • Improved the About page
  • Added a direct link to your Library in the menu

For contributors:

September 14, 2018 06:02 AM

Lutris 0.3.5 is released!

Its a couple months late but it's finally here! Lutris 0.3.5! So what's new? What took so long? Well, feature wise, not that much is new. We took what we had in Lutris 0.3.4 and made it better: lots of testing went into this release and we tried to fix any annoyances we could find. The goal was to build solid foundations for things to come, and believe me when I say there are lots of them!

This release marks the spot where Lutris goes from a little personnal project to a full fledged Open Source project. We got several solid contributors and testers, there's an ITP (Intent to package) open in Debian ( ) and even PlayOnLinux's creator came to tell me that we are going in the right direction!

So, for real, nothing new in this release? Well they might not be obvious but there are lots of new things. The most important change is that we are now providing all runners used in Lutris (with the exception of Steam and your web browser). That means that we have every emulator compiled and packaged for Lutris itself and can install anyone of them whether they are made available to your distro or not, all this without root access. Most emulators are available in their latest version (for example we ship ScummVM 1.7 which was released a few months ago and isn't available in most distributions). Some of them have been patched to provide a better experience, most notably PCSXR which has been modified to be relocatable and provide a better fullscreen experience (still not perfect but more on that in a later post).

So, yes, now is the time that we stop being a simple game manager client and start being maintainers of more than twenty emulators and game runners. Speaking of runners, this release brings two more: Virtual Jaguar and Desura and makes Mupen64plus finally usable! Support for Desura is still very experimental but that's going to be fixed in Lutris 0.3.6.

Please be aware that most runners are only available for 64bit systems as 32bit OSes are less and less common and most of them are not fit to provide a good gaming experience. If you are a 32bit OS user and want support for more runners, please make yourself known so we can work on that.

Besides the much improved runner support, some UI improvements have been added, such as being able to open a file browser in the game's directory from the right-click menu or displaying your connection to status. More important, many many bugs have been fixed, providing a much better experience than we had in 0.3.4. I really hope you enjoy this release, we put a lot of work and love in it. I'd like to send huge thanks to everyone who have helped make this happen, especially Xodetaetl who is now a core team member and everyone else who have sent patches and tested the development version: Ryochan7, Freso, Frenchkiss, Dennisjj and all the others that have reported bugs on IRC and github.

Now that we have another version shipped, what to expect in the next milestone? Well, the github is already packed with cool new features, here's what's planned in Lutris 0.3.6:

  • Integration with GOG and Humble Bundle, making lutris a full fledged client for those platforms
  • Integration with the TOSEC database ( ) allowing you to import those folders packed with ROMs in a matter of minutes,
  • Better management of wine version (kinda like PlayOnLinux does)
  • The "Lutris Runtime", a set of libraries allowing you to run any game independently of what's installed on your system (Steam and Desura have a similar feature)
  • More metadata available in the client: release year, genre, platform, runner and the ability to filter by these criteria.

This next release will mark the end of the 0.3.x branch and the one after will bring major changes and new features! Keep in mind that we have a long way to go before releasing a 1.0 version.

September 14, 2018 06:02 AM

Lutris 0.3.4 released


  • Steam games install works again.
  • Initial SDLMess Support.
  • Fixes for Gens and Hatari runners.
  • The List view can be sorted by clicking on the columns headers (not very useful yet :).
  • Various bugfixes.

September 14, 2018 06:02 AM

Lutris 0.3.3 released

P.S.: This version introduces a bug preventing the installation of Steam games from the website. We'll release a new version fixing it this weekend.


  • Improved design of installer dialog and main window
  • Prevent users from deleting important files when uninstalling games
  • Show help screen on first start
  • Support for Amiga CD32 games
  • Dosbox install scripts can now run DOS executables
  • Better xrandr support
  • Give option to restrict display to a single monitor while in-game
  • Improve contextual menu in client (Install, uninstall, manually add)
  • Show dialog when trying to install games with no script.

September 14, 2018 06:02 AM

Lutris 0.3.2 released

After many commits, Lutris 0.3.2 is finally here!

This new version focuses on bringing better support for another gaming platform, Steam of course! Several features have been implemented to make your Steam experience great on Lutris.

  • You can sync your Steam library with your Lutris library from your account on the website
  • It's possible to use Steam data to install native games that are not available on Steam for Linux, such as Unreal Tournament.
  • You can have Steam for Linux and for Wine on a single interface, Steam will automatically close the unwanted version and launch your game without complaining about having Steam connected twice.
  • Install scripts for Steam games are automatically generated, you can customize them as needed but the provided script should work fine enough form most games.

September 14, 2018 06:02 AM

Lutris 0.3.1: ScummVM and Steam for Windows supported, library sync and more

A few weeks after the release of Lutris 0.3.0, it's time to upgrade!


This new version comes with a few new features:

  • Support for Steam games for Windows (tested with Bioshock, Darksiders and Titan Quest)
  • Support for ScummVM installers
  • When logged in the Lutris client, your game library will be synced from the website.
  • Initial support for xboxdrv, fully working with Fez and mostly working in Darksiders (some button are misconfigured, but the game is fully playable with a Xbox360 pad)
  • The usual various bugfixes

What's next ?

It seems that a lot of people are looking for a way to make Steam for Linux and Steam for Windows play well together (see on /r/linux_gaming or LinuxGameCast forums). When Lutris started, Steam for Linux wasn't available and only Windows Steam games were supported. Now, it's time to take this into account and provide a seamless integration between both client.

Since, there is no way to switch to Offline mode without restarting the client, only a single Steam client will be open a given time. In the next release it will be possible to play a Linux Steam game and then switch to a Windows game from Lutris itself. Also, thanks to the Steam API, it will soon be possible to import your Steam library directly into your Lutris library.

September 14, 2018 06:02 AM

Lutris 0.3 released !

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Lutris 0.3. This version comes with a brand new website and a bunch of new features.

Lutris is no longer the frontend GUI for games it once was and starts its life as a real gaming platform. Installer scripts are now supported making it possible to install games with a single click from the website. Those scripts use a very simple YAML based syntax and everybody can write them.

Please note that this 0.3.0 release may be rough on the edges and some features are still experimental, a 0.3.1 release is to be expected in the coming weeks, the more feedback I get from users, the more awesome it will be :) This version currently make HTTP request to the website (to automatically fetch icons) so if you are concerned by privacy issues, please wait for the next version which will make those requests optionnally.

One feature I didn't have time to finish for this version is the support for Personnal Game Archives (or PGA). PGAs are a way to backup your game data on your storage drives (USB disk, SAMBA share, SFTP server, ...) in order to quickly reinstall them. This feature needs more design and will probably ship with Lutris 0.3.1 or 0.3.2, meanwhile you can have a peek into the source code to see the current implementation and submit your ideas.

September 14, 2018 06:02 AM

September 11, 2018

GearHead RPG

Random Portrait Generator

I’ve been working on a paper doll type portrait construction system for GearHead Caramel. This is the first randomly generated portrait created by the system; the player will also be able to use the portrait generator to customize their character. Once I have randomized NPCs up and running I’ll be able to start work on DeadZone Drifter, the next adventure module.

by Joseph Hewitt at September 11, 2018 01:30 PM