Yorg: Q3 2022 update

Q3 2022 update

Hi! Here is an update about my development progresses, as of Q3 2022.


Now you can play the prototype of Pmachines! I have prepared several builds. In Linux, you can use AppImage and itch.io. In Windows, you can use an installer or itch.io. You can find more information in the page of the project.

Please note: this is a prototype. Everything is not final, definitely. It is “just” the basis of the future work. Moreover, it is the proof that my building/testing pipeline is working now. More info on this in the next section.

Functional tests

I have added another important functional test. Now, during the tests, I check if the FPS are “ok”. So, you should not receive builds with a low FPS count. Moreover, I have added several tests that check that every state leaves a “clean” environment i.e. there are not pending nodes, threads, tasks, events, …

The entire topic of functional tests that I developed should deserve a post on its own. Briefly:

  • I run the unit tests &&
  • I create the builds &&
  • I run the functional tests &&
  • I publish the builds

where && has the known semantics. The functional tests are the part that received most of my effort recently (since they will save me from manual testing, so I seriously hope that now I can develop faster). They are executed in a virtual machine, events are generated using xdotool, Windows builds are tested using Wine. During the test I capture some screenshots, and I compare them with the reference screenshots that I took on succesful executions. So, when I make a new build, I can assert that the build is running and it produces screens like the reference ones.

Please note that the gold here is Panda3D. I can run builds inside a virtual machine, and I can even run Windows builds in a Linux virtual machine. The Panda3D’s robustness allows this.

Trailer video

If it is the first time that you read about pMachines, you may want to watch its trailer video.

Support me

Finally, I would love if you may consider to support me. As usual, you may consider our campaign on Patreon (minimum pledge: only $1!). Thank you very much!

Yorg: Q2 2022 update

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Speed Dreams: Development News (2022-04)

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Yorg: Q1 2022 update

Yorg 0.11.1 has been released!

Hi! We have released a new version of Yorg! Let’s talk about the new features.

Improved joypad support

0.11 was the first release which provided the joypad support, using the new Panda3D’s input subsystem. In the first implementation, we missed some aspects. Now, the support should be meaningfully improved. First of all, it is far more customizable. Moreover, several issues have been fixed (e.g. braking, respawn, vibrations, …).

Various improvements

The joypad support has received the biggest amount of efforts, but a lot of other improvements have been added. The GUI has been tuned a bit (it should be easier to detect the current selection now). The camera has been improved (now it has more inertia and it should be smoother).

As for the bugfixes, some rare bugs in the AI have been fixed. Several fixes have been implemented (CPU usage, errors in local and online multiplayer, server’s code, audio, GUI, builds).

As for the refactorings, I did several modifications (some updates for the new Panda3D version; improved the networking code).

Finally, some internal code has been improved (now Setuptools is the only tool that builds Yorg; and some dependencies have been removed).

Updated translations

We have received several contributions from very kind people. Specifically, we have updated these translations: French, Galician, German, Scottish Gaelic and Spanish! A lot of thanks go to GunChleoc, Leandro, xin and Wuzzy!


You can find 0.11.1’s download links in Yorg’s page. There, you will find links to our pages on GameJolt, itch.io, IndieDB!

Support us

Finally, we would love if you may consider to support us. As usual, you may consider our campaign on Patreon (minimum pledge: only $1!). Thank you very much!


Here is the quick changelog:

  • improved joypad support;
  • translation updates (French, Galician, German, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish);
  • minor improvements (GUI, camera);
  • fixes (CPU usage, AI, local multiplayer, online multiplayer, server, audio, GUI, builds);
  • refactoring (support for new Panda3D’s features, networking);
  • development improvements (building with SetupTools, removed some dependencies).

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