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Block Attack – Rise of the Blocks 2.1.1

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This is Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks - version 2.1.1

This has the first gameplay change in a long time. In the previous version the rise would stop
while clearing. It could stop for several seconds. This is no longer the case. The time is now
bound and will lower as the game progresses.

The update of the model has also been changed. This should make it more smooth in some of the
high speed Stage Clear levels.

Changes since 2.0.1:

  • There is now an upper limit on how long the rise will stop
  • The internal updated of the game has been updated from 20 times a second to 100 times a second
  • Menu fonts have been changed
  • Window is now resizeable by default
  • jsoncpp removed as a dependency
  • Other code cleanup
  • Docker files are now provided to make compiling even easier
  • Translation strings changed and are now more
  • Updated libraries

About the resize of the window:

The normal resize will simply resize the whole screen. This unfortunately makes the fonts hard to read.
The size of the screen is not saved!
You can use the command line argument "--no-auto-scale" to not scale the whole image. Screen size will
also be saved in this mode and remembered for the next startup.

Known issues:

  • Windows 10 with HighDPI: Fonts becomes unreadable. #5
  • The translation does not work with the shortcuts created by the Windows installer due to a wrong startup path. I have not been able to figure out why

Thank you
Thanks to the people that have provided patches or feedback for this release: Paul Wise, mstraube and scootergrisen
Especially mstraube that discovered a fatal problem just hours after the release of 2.1.0.

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