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This Month in Vircadia – June 2021

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This Month in Vircadia – June 2021

Written by Kalila L

Jun 30, 2021

This month has seen much continued progress on components in the ecosystem.

The Web Interface

The Web Interface has seen functionality added in the UI and API department.

Added by a member of the community, the “Explore” app allows you to load and search through worlds in Vircadia. In the API there have been some minor additions to communication facilities alongside prototyping of world manipulation.

The next step will be to setup an ECS (Entity Component System) in order to formalize how data will is handled by APIs in the Interface and SDK.

The Web SDK

Work has continued apace on this, with the first Vircadia protocol packets now being exchanged between the SDK and the Domain server.

The WebRTC data channel has been wrapped in a more friendly UDP-style socket and a first pass has been made on Vircadia protocol handling code. A DomainConnectRequest packet can now be composed and sent to the domain server and the DomainList packet received in response handled. Developer documentation is being written along with the code.

Next steps are to maintain the connection with the Vircadia Domain servers and connect to the Messages Mixer.

Vircadia Domain Server

The Domain server is a primary focus of our development resources due to its essential nature to the Vircadia project. It has been receiving love as a result of the work on the Web Interface & SDK.

In particular, the WebRTC data channel has been wrapped in a QUdpSocket-style WebRTCSocket class, and a NetworkSocket class created that multiplexes WebRTCSocket + QUdpSocket so that higher levels of code can work with both WebRTC and UDP clients simultaneously. Again, developer documentation is being written along with the code.

Thanks to this month’s contributors!

The community and active development group is larger and more diverse than you’d expect!

Alongside programming, there is much time and effort put into continually testing, reviewing, and documenting changes to Vircadia’s many core components.





Dale Glass

  • Development
  • Code Review


  • Documentation
  • QA


  • Development

Alezia Kurdis

  • Development


  • Development
  • Code Review


Code Review



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