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Raze 1.3.1 releases

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Download (OpenGL 3.3/OpenGL ES 2.0 and higher required)

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This is a bugfix release addressing the following issues:

  • SW: fixed sound listener angle for the remote control case. It was taking the angle of the rotating sector object instead of the angle from the listener's position to it.
  • Blood: make sure that invalid face sprites don't get rendered at all.
  • fixed: in palette emulation mode, assume all textures to be non-translucent.
  • Exhumed fixed bad parameter to getzrange causing player fall through sprite bridges.
  • fixed logic for discarding walls in new renderer.
  • fixed OOB write in section splitting code.
  • Add OpenGL ES to the backend options in the menu.
  • fixed triangulation via node builder for sectors with invalid walls causing spurious crashes.
  • GLES: Fix depth bias state
  • GLES: Fixed palette emulation mode and interpolation
  • reordered the init calls in engineLoadBoard. Sprite lists must be done after preparing the arrays, otherwise important bits get overwritten.
  • Duke/RR: Fixed sprite validation checks in animatesprites.
  • Duke: Ensure all weapon variables used for interpolation have the `o` values set when CON updates them.
  • Duke: Fix lotag signedness issue affecting SE10 (door auto-close).

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