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Raze 1.4.0 released

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Download (OpenGL 3.3/OpenGL ES 2.0 and higher required)

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This new release brings several bug fixes and improvements:

  • added custom postprocessing shader support using the same system as GZDoom.
  • the new renderer is now the default after fixing most of the outstanding issues.
  • added interpolation for several special sector movement effects in RR.
  • added interpolation for Exhumed's UI.
  • experimental new light modes, based on GZDoom's original light modes. (new renderer only, these do not work with palette emulation.)
  • better handling for disabled autoaim in Duke/RR.
  • major internal rewrite to remove the limits of map items. Actors have been consolidated into garbage collected objects, like in GZDoom.
  • added a user map browser.

  • Exhumed: fixed check for bad ending cutscene.
  • added guards against badly defined skies.
  • Blood: do color highlighting for trigger messages, like NBlood does.
  • enable Bloom and SSAO menu options.
  • gracefully handle when a map tries to exit twice. This case left a broken ScreenJobRunner behind which later crashed on garbage collection.
  • Exhumed: use proper distance calculations when spawning weapon flashes. The cheap distance approximation here tended to fail on longer walls.
  • Exhumed: Avoid playing the same pickup sound while another copy of it is already active. The pickup code here is not robust enough to play the sound only once per pickup.
  • allow a bit of tolerance for attached orthogonal wall sprites. We have to account for mappers adding some 'safe' distance (which isn't really safe!)
  • do not use floor sprites for splitting geometry. because this is way too expensive on maps with lots of sprites. Instead, run them through the case for slope sprites which should be sufficient here.
  • removed all uses of nexttoward in Polymost. Taking a hint from EDuke32 here, the performance increase is absolutely massive with this function gone from the innermost loops.
  • proper maintenance of the depth bias state.
  • Duke: Directly check the backend input code's `crouch_toggle` to always remain crouched after pausing, even if the first tic doesn't have input.
  • do proper handling of the 'no shadow' case for Duke's bad guys. Using a flag like RedNukem instead of hacking dispicnum, which occasionally does reach the renderer and causes problems.
  • fixed floor sprite normals.
  • Duke: hardened the sound controller a bit by flagging the callsound call from doanimations as most likely terminating. This allows avoiding unnecessary sound repeats on some doors.
  • Nam: don't draw the icon for weapon 7 on the HUD. This is just a blue square. In RedNukem it isn't shown, but there's no special code for it.
  • fixed NAM's sniper rifle. This was using one of WW2GI's apl* variables, but shouldn't.
  • Add a new `Duke!ZONE II` grpinfo definition so that the copy supplied from Zoom which ships with a 1.5 copy of Duke 3D can be found.
  • Don't do an animated transition for Duke's credits menu and don't redraw the background for RR/RRRA's credits menu.
  • Exhumed: Mark in-game menu as animated so its interpolation works properly.
  • RR: address a missing texture in E1L2.
  • RR: interpolate moving furniture.
  • RR: interpolate jaildoors and minecarts.
  • Nam/WW2GI: use the console font for the generic message display. The small font in these games is not usable because it is too small, too ugly and not extendable for localization.
  • Platoon Leader: Set explicit sky offset for the third episode's orange sky.
  • Exhumed: interpolate the menu items when zooming.
  • Exhumed: use the loop flag when starting music.
  • Exhumed: interpolate the scrolling map.
  • Exhumed: Don't force the framerate to reduce to ticrate at end of each level, instead interpolate player's position to prevent draw errors.
  • deal with bad start sectors. The engine will now try to find a proper sector in the map loader if there's a mismatch.
  • fixed main game resource detection for Blood to allow loading modified blood.rff versions.
  • added handling for slope sprites
  • RRRA: fixed typo in portal setup.
  • fixed handling for wallsprites on walls.
  • added precise render mode like in GZDoom.
  • Duke/RR: added fudging to work around aiming randomization issues with the pistol when autoaim is off. Solution is the same as in RedNukem/EDuke32: do one hitscan directly in aiming direction and if that hits a sprite, use it as aiming target.
  • Hack for Exhumed: palette 4 does not fade to black so sprites should not have shades above numshades.
  • Duke: make camera actors temporarily invisible before rendering a scene. Mainly needed for voxel/model replacements of the security camera sprite.
  • major fixing on new renderer.
  • added a user map browser.
  • fixed music lookup for user maps. This was only looking for real files, but instead needs to check the file system. The game directory's content will always be part of that so other checks are counterproductive.
  • added libtess2 for better sector triangulation
  • match alignment of NPOT flat textures to the software renderer. Tested in RR E1L4, sector 224+40,.
  • added a warning for multiple sectors referencing the same walls. RR E3L1 contains such a setup, for example.
  • Add `hud_showmapname` to the HUD Options menu to allow easy disabling of it if its not desired.
  • SW: fixed accidentally inverted colliision check in DoMirvMissile.
  • fixed: voxel culling must take sprite flipping into account.

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