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Raze 1.4.1 released

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Download (OpenGL 3.3/OpenGL ES 2.0 and higher required)

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This is a bugfix release addressing the following issues:

  • handle walls where a sloped floor intersects with the visible part.
  • handle wall sprites on orthogonal walls better, covering the case that a wall sprite may overlap two walls with a slight deviation in their position
  • always pick the closest one.
  • fixed handling of badly placed sprites in map validation code.
  • fixed inverted logic when checking for dragged sectors in the renderer.
  • fixed sky tiling in Polymost.
  • Exhumed: avoid accessing undefined memory when loading the sounds.
  • Exhumed: fixed surface collisions of projectiles. There was some commented out undefined behavior here, we need to properly define this case.
  • Exhumed: removed erroneous target assignment in Anubis AI, leading to infighting.
  • Exhumed: Add save game option to in-game menu.
  • Exhumed: did some reshuffling on the menu to allow adding a "User map" item and prevent accidental reset of ongoing games, both the items for starting the campaign and the training map are now in a submenu.
  • Blood: fixed bad alignment flags for HUD flames.
  • WW2GI: fixed gamevars not being allocated for map spawned actors.

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