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Fheroes2: version 0.9.13

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  • Improve AI behavior in battles and on map, including hero recruitment, building castles and to be more aggressive while losing the game
  • Fix many music and sound related issues like missing sounds for objects, Vampire movement in battle, incorrect music after switching castles
  • Add initial implementation of Text Support mode to allow people with vision issues to play the game
  • Scrollbars in the game are scalable according to the number of elements in the list
  • Most of dialogs containing icons of artifacts, spells and etc allow to get extra information by right mouse clicking on these icons
  • Add support of official Czech translation of the game and fix various general translation related issues
  • Awards and choices in campaigns are now right mouse clickable allowing player to get detailed information about each item
  • Over 50 bugs fixed since 0.9.12 release

Full list of changes can be found here.

We recommend to use SDL2 version for latest OSes, while SDL1 is preferable for old systems.