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FreeOrion: Monthly Online Voice Chat Meetings

From FreeOrion: link to original post

This is the notification thread for our monthly online voice chat meetings.

The top post contains the link to the Jitsi room for the meeting, as well as time and date for the next couple of meetings. These informations will be updated regularly.

A few days before each meeting an announcement will be posted here, so anyone who wants can subscribe to this thread to get a proper notification. This announcement will contain a link to a corresponding meeting thread on the FreeOrion Project subforum, where suggestions for topics can be posted and discussed.

Link to Jitsi room:

Currently, the monthly meetings are scheduled for the last Tuesday of each month (usually, there are occasionally exceptions). The next meetings will be:
  • Tuesday, November 1st 2022, 6pm UTC or 7pm Vienna/Berlin time
  • Tuesday, November 29th 2022, 6pm UTC or 7pm Vienna/Berlin time
  • Tuesday, December 27th 2022, 6pm UTC or 7pm Vienna/Berlin time

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