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Veloren 0.13 Release

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0.13 Release

Veloren is releasing 0.13! This version is 5 months in the making, and we have a lot to show off!

If you're reading this before 18:00 GMT on July 23rd, make sure to join the release party. There will be a custom pirate-themed map with plenty of secrets to find ( thanks to @Hannibal ), minigames, and other events so don't miss it and make sure to bring your friends along! 🏴‍☠️ Explore the handcrafted jungle isles to seek the treasures of the Sunken Duchess!

To join, you can download the game for free at and create an account, then launch the game and hop on the default server. See you there!

New in this release:

  • ⚔️ Modular weapons
  • ⛈️ Real-time weather: rain, wind, thunder, lightning
  • 🏔️ Cliff towns
  • 🔦 Interconnected cave networks with cave biomes
  • 🌲 LoD trees
  • 💇‍♂️ More character customisation options
  • 🤸 NPC personalities
  • 🙌 And much more!

We've also put together trailer for 0.13 release party, made by @Hannibal, and with music by @Oolnokk.


You can check out the full changelog here.

Thanks to this versions contributors (in random order):

John Heath, Karl Werf, Samuel Keiffer, Olexorus, Vlad, markobekko, Snowram, Mehmet-dev, InfRandomness, Dr. Dystopia, Brandon Dyer, Benoît du Garreau, tygyh, Imbris, Clary Chevry, Jack hollis-london, Bryant Deters, runrobdog, Enrique AM, Corvella, Hugo Peixoto, Cheuk Yin Ng, Tormod G. Hellen, Monty Marz, Leonid Toshchev, Andrzej Drabarek, jh0l, DaforLynx, Stanisław Grupiński, floppy, Влад Куцепалов, Makselord, Samuel Lopes Mastrofrancisco, JakobDev, Vincent Foulon, Joshua Barretto, brunt, Chase Rozon, UncomfySilence, StereoJunkie, Isidor Nielsen, juliancoffee, terrarier2111, Euryn, Justin Shipsey, Plright, ninefox, IsseW, Forest Anderson, Dominik Broński, Maxwell, Manuel Schmidbauer, Treeco, Christof Petig, Ben Wallis, Socksonme, James Melkonian, Awkor, Anton Katsuba, Avi Weinstock, aflying pumpkin, holychowders, Mckol, ubruntu, Jonathan Berglin, Samantha W, Joshua Yanovski, Marcel, Julio Cezar Silva, Youssef Fahmy, Mel, flo, jshipsey, Benjam Soule H. Walker, and Inojelis

Support the Project

As always, feel free to support the project on Open Collective. It allows us to keep our servers running, and launch great release parties like the one today!

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