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This Week In Veloren 183

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This week, we have a great writeup from @Sharp about optimizations being made to the site2 system.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @Sam, @Isse, @xMAC94x, and @LunarEclipse

Worldgen settings by @juliancoffee

I implemented a new setting for worldgen, LoadOrGenerate. Previously you needed to use Save options to generate a new map and save it on disk with some cryptic name (it's actually the date of map generation). Then, when you would want to use it next time, you would need to use Load option to load your map and pass it that cryptic name, unless you renamed it yourself.

Now with LoadOrGenerate you don't need to care about it all, you can just say LoadOrGenerate("my-cool-map") and things will work automatically. You can pass optional parameters, like map size and scale hack, the same way you would do that with Save or Generate option, read about it in The Book. If you specify new parameters and a name for the map with old parameters, worldgen will panic, if you will want to overwrite the map, you can use overwrite parameter. Ask us on Discord if you will have some troubles with it.

Also, to give an update on my previous post about translation, I am actively researching Fluent project and it will be just a warp-jump for our translation capabilities. Probably no web-service UI yet though.

Here is RFC about the translation move. Read this, if you're translating Veloren to your language because quite soon that will be the way to translate the game.

How are we gonna get up this? See you next week!

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