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C-Dogs: New Equip Menu

From C-Dogs, link to original post

The next version of C-Dogs SDL contains a redesign of the equip menu!

new equip menu

With this new GUI, you can clearly see the weapon slots, and the available weapons as icons. More enhancements are in the works so stay tuned!

Let’s take a look back to the original C-Dogs equip menu:

original equip menu

This version was minimalist and showed the available weapons clearly, but it tended to confuse new players who weren’t aware that the top section showed equipped weapons, and how many slots there were. The controls were also unintuitive - you used the shoot button to equip weapons, but to remove you had to use the switch/slide button.

slot equip menu

This was changed when the grenade slot was added in version 0.6.7. Weapon slots are shown prominently, but the available weapons are hidden, which made it harder to see what was available, or when there were new weapon options.

With this newest GUI, we’ve solved all the shortcomings plus making things look really good too!

If you want to follow the development plan, check out the GitHub project for C-Dogs SDL.